Six random things about me

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1. The tips of my fingers are double-jointed; I can bend the tips of each finger from just the first knuckle. Sometimes, I'll get out of the car with friends and act like I shut my hand in the door and bend my fingers. It looks pretty gross.

2. The volume of the stereo in the truck has to be turned to an odd number, but the highest volume I will turn it to is an even number - 42. I have no idea why.

3. My greatest fear used to be losing a limb, then I saw what my dad went through with losing his foot and the way he handled things and figured I could do so too. Now, my greatest fear is waking up morning and not remembering how to write.

4. I want to get one more tattoo; before moving to the Midwest, I seriously considered a full sleeve on my right arm. Now that might not be the best idea, although it is my body. I still think I'd like to have two koi fish tattooed on my back. I've actually started to research the artwork and studios.

5. Key lime pie is my favorite dessert.

6. It's high time that I move past writing in 58 words and 100 words and write something of substance. What I'd really like is to win a Pushcart Prize. But to do so, I need to stop messing around - and get serious.

OK, here are my tags:
Uncle E
Noah the Great
James Pence Dyar, rock star


Anonymous said...

Like, um, dude, can we get an extension? It's really fucking hot in Reddin' and our brains are frying... We're all headed to the lake with a cold six-pack.

Blog atcha ya tomorrow.

"G6 Force"

Uncle E said...

#1.I used to be a DJ at a college radio station in Hamilton, Ontario Canada...the graveyard shift from I think 11pm-4am. It was great!

#2. I broke my hand by jumping into my garbage bin whilst attempting to "make room" for more trash.

#3. I used to be able to drink my age every birthday.

#4. I started a "newspaper" in high school entitled "The International Anarchist News" ("I.A.N.") and was tagged by the principal as an official "disturber of the peace". I subsequently locked myself into the gym supply room and played the Dead Kennedy's Too Drunk Too F*&k on a continuous loop until they dragged me out.

#5. I have worked for a newspaper or print product for over 20 years.

#6. I wore a temporary tattoo advertising "Rolaids Spells Relief" on my forehead for a period of one year to pay off some gambling debts. Nah, not really, but I couldn't think of the 6th...the heat here in Reddin' is frying my brain! No's 1-5 are absolutely true, however...

Large Marge said...

Um, we might need more detail about #2.

P.S. I've posted "Six Random Obsessions" on DeathofANewspaper... Still more to come, however, on No Phat Chicks! Stay tuned.

RachelRenae said...

Thomg: love #2. I can relate with having an obsession about number settings.

Uncle e: #4 on your list might just be the most fantastic thing I've ever heard.