Things to think about during a roadtrip

Designated Driver
“Not that I care, but what about all that talk of responsibility? This ‘new-found’ peace of mind?”
He looked at her through one eye pressed to a shot glass of bourbon.
“I mean, what about being the grownup?”
His Adam’s Apple bobbled twice as the bourbon slid down the back of his throat. He let out a throaty sigh, more of a croak with the flush of alcohol.
He smiled, turned the glass over, slammed it on the bar.
“Rudy, another go-round, if you please. Scotch this time.”
She crossed her arms, wrinkled her brow in disgust.
“Kinda late for all that, dontcha think?”
He adjusted the bandana on his bald head, that faded-blue fabric the color of the veins that pulsed under his sallow skin.
“And besides, hospice never closes, and we’ve only got 20 minutes before last call.”


Anonymous said...

Hmm... "Hospice never closes?" You lost me. More of this story, please ;-)

- Snarky Pants

Large Marge said...

How's about a NoPC link... Please!!??