small poetry

I've been reading much of Noah the Great's online poetry lately. This young man is immensely talented.
Pisses me off.
(Not really; reading good writers - of any age - is inspiring.)
I spent part of the weekend in Nebraska in a hunt for a book of poetry I wrote as a teen. I didn't find it, but poetry has been on my mind for days now.
Here's a very short poem.

Street corner prophet
holds a hand-lettered sign
and issues challenges
to hurried people
who avert their eyes
and pretend not to notice


Large Marge said...

Jesus himself, the street corner prophet,
holds a hand-lettered sign,
requesting assistance
from too hurried people.
Their averted eyes
pretend not to notice,
as their pulse increases,
and their pace quickens.
Another street prophet of fear,
avoided, for now.
A sigh of relief.

Anonymous said...

Why thank you ninja.