The new guy over at 3WW

Unlike Boots, who has some 47 blogs going, I have trouble with one.
This one.
Keeping it fresh and exciting - daily - when nothing much is going on in my personal life is...troublesome.
(You may all collectively sigh for me now.)
Anyway, I have become a guest author on another blog.
Three Word Wednesday.
It's a writers' prompt site.
"Each week, I post some words. People write things using the words. Then they comment here."
It's Bone's site and he's gained quite a following. I started using the prompts in January and found that Wednesdays (or Thursdays when I was tardy) were not the same without writing something with those three words.
Last week, Bone announced that he needed a break, that he was putting the site on hiatus.
The community of writers who need their fix of 3WW fretted.
Fret no more.
On Wednesday, it''ll be my turn to pick three words (Bone sent me the master list, which contains 303 words so I won't repeat anything).
It can be a poem or a short story. It can be a journal entry. It can be a haiku. It can be anything you want it to be.
All you have to do is include those three little words.
I invite everyone to stop by 3WW for my first go-round. Pick up the words, roll them around in your head. Write something. Post the link and comment on the site and I'll do my best to get to everyone's blog and see what you've done.
My invitation to you - join the 3WW community.


Anonymous said...

Yes, well, all 27 of them are your fault! I'll never forget those infamous words at Carnegie's that you spoke to me: "You should have a blog..."

I believe my response was: "What's a blog?"


J.C. Montgomery said...

Oh heavenly day!!

Although I haven't participated in a while, I still looked forward to each Wednesday. After Bone's announcement I thought of deleting the feed. I'm glad I didn't.

Thanks Thom for picking up the baton and helping Bone out. You're the best!

gautami tripathy said...

I did...

Thanks for taking over...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking over Thom!