Instant gratification (no boots for you)

Friday afternoon I was released from work early and needed shoes.
Specifically, a pair of vintage Doc Marten 1460 eight-eye-hole boots, in black.
Not distressed "greasy" black, not brown, not some other style than the 1460s but big black punk-fuckin'-rock black boots.
I ran errands, went to shoe stores, found every place in town that sold Doc Martens. Ended up at the young hippity-hop store in the maul, where I found the Doc Martens. Just not in my size.
"I like the distressed black ones myself," the store manager said, an older women (meaning older than me). "And I know we have them in a 12."
"I'm going to keep looking, thanks."
"Really, we can order them for you. They'll come right to your door. In four to five business days."
"Look, I really appreciate your salesmanship, but you need to understand something. I need instant gratification. I need to try a pair on, walk out of the store with them on my feet. That make sense?"
"You know," she said, laughing, "It makes perfect sense."

I ended up ordering the boots from Zappos.
They'll be here in four to five business days.

Post Script: The boots were waiting at my door. Zappos overnighted them, no extra charge.


Anonymous said...

Oh you cad! Denying the salesperson who offered you a solution her commission!
Sales folks listen up! This guy will use you and abuse you!

Anonymous said...


Oh I understand that Instant Gratification thingy!!

So much me!

Good for you, you got them in time :)

Anonymous said...

Good writing and I hope you grow out of instant grats.:)

quin browne said...

i was going to offer to buy them for you when next i'm in the u of k...

glad you got them... they are the best.