A continuance of short poetry

Stripped bare
of summer cover
bare twigs
conduct symphonies
on the wind.

Faint woodsmoke
tickles the nostrils
on brisk walks
that suddenly require
jackets, hats.

Steam from a pot
fills the kitchen
with rich soup smells
as books are read
nearer to fireplaces.

Sleep comes heavy
a faint breeze
numbs noses
sticking out from
beneath thick quilts.


Large Marge said...

Stripped bare,
naked twigs
conduct wind symphonies.

tickles the nose
on brisk walks.

Steam fills the kitchen
as soup stews.
Books are read beneath blankets,
inching towards fireplaces.

Heavy sleep arrives.
A faint, frigid breeze
numbs toes
beneath thick quilts.

quin browne said...

i'm lost on marge's post.

Vinz said...

whose post is this actually..
whatever the lines are good..!!