58 words and poof, a story

Bone’s a little tardy with the Three Word Wednesday prompts, so a Fiction in 58 is what you get.

Like a Hurricane

Raindrops, warm and fat, beat a warning that destruction was coming.
He sat by candlelight – the electricity already a casualty - and quietly stirred the lemon slice in his tea. Urged to flee, he chuckled, spat, emphatic. Not this time. Not now.
She had died here, in the last great storm.
So he sat, a mix of determination, regret.


susan said...

Well done and fitting given the season. Hope you do take on 3 Word Wednesdays. I think you would come up with great prompts.

Come by. I'm posting quite regularly these days.

RachelRenae said...

The thing that impresses me so much about your writing is your emotional intelligence- you have an ability to develop these characters that we're (I'm, anyway) able to emotionally relate to. This guy is a real person, even though you only had 58 words to create him.

Anonymous said...

Thom I happen to know Uncle E personally. I'm his defense attorney. He wants me to inform you that he offers you a full and complete apology in the matter of "the lost CD's" and that even though he's been extremely busy at work he will get them out to you as soon as possible. He also understands that the waiting has caused you undue harm and that he will compensate you with an additional cd: Nick Cave's Dig Lazarus Dig! Should you agree to these terms he also promises to deliver a new cd each and every quarter through the year 2012. Please respond via this comments page in the affirmative for the offer to become valid.

Cheers! Nice blog, by the way. First time here, will be returning often!

ThomG said...


I am agreeable to those terms.