Yerba mate, the new coffee?

Yerba mate is not a hot, rich, black cup of freshly-ground espresso roast coffee, run through a French press at exactly the precise temperature to extract all the tasty oils.
Yerba mate is an acquired taste.
I am willing to give it time.
Yerba mate is a species of the holly plant, a natural stimulant and the national drink of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
It’s supposed to be better than coffee; a better buzz, without the harm from the caffeine. Very easy on the stomach, very easy to digest.
It has a very vegetal/grassy/astringent taste.
I think I messed up on this first go-round with yebra mate. I think the water I used was boiling. According to directions, the herb will become bitter and astringent when steeped with boiling water.
Ok, work in progress here.
(But I am fairly buzzed.)


Ralph said...

a bit like single malt wikkey. acquired taste

Anonymous said...

I like mine as a kind of late... A little milk and agave nectar make it taste mighty fine to me. I like the buzz way better than coffee, still useful, but no jittery-ness or upset stomach.