Pub Renga (poetry and beer)

After a long absence, made it down to pub night Wednesday to see old friends, hang out in dark corners, have a beer. We started to talk about writing, someone asked what the prompt was at Three Word Wednesday - awkward, kitchen, obsessed - and since Boots already had one of her notebooks out, we did some collaborative poetry.
We tried Renga, the form of Japanese collaborative poetry that's built something on a series of haiku. There is much history and a lot of rules, so we didn't hit the mark (exactly). But it was fun, and we had five people working on it. I promised to post it.
Beer was involved in the creation of this piece (disclaimer).

But it contains all three 3WW prompts:

Pub Renga

California ales
serial monogamy
lets get a divorce

my high school boyfriend
awkward kitchen tools
time travel fantasy - not!

Fucking in the woods
pine needles brush my instep
duff covers my crack

rules of engagement
are a little obsessive
lets go wash our hands

naked moonlight sex
reality, harsh mistress
glow in the dark ass

glow wakes the cuckoo
a happy song greets the morn
orange walls - small room

the meds have kicked in
the eagles have moved beyond
I miss the needles (pine)

new chapter of life
does the great blue heron care?
perched in swampy fields

bear swims to his death
waves of nausea, my head spins
thoughts of bleached-white bones

for the bear, live now
live boldly, for the moment
I'm all out of love


susan said...

Wish I had been at the pub. Could've been the designated driver and well worth driving folks home given what came out of your collaboration. Like the humor and candor. Good stuff.

gautami tripathy said...

It came out really very good. I am imagining the scene of how it came about.

susan said...

Happy Friday!

Please join us at The Last Piaster. Our aim is to present writing exercises designed to sharpen old poetic tools and provide you with new ones. New piasters will be posted on Sundays. Periodically, we’ll ask permission to share your drafts.

TC said...

I think the story of how it came about to be the most interesting of all :)

Queen Of The Valkyries said...

Thommy Boy - It was Glow In The Dark ASS. You know, that whole thing about reality being a harsh mistress.....what's more harsh than realizing that your bare bottom hasn't seen sunlight in so long that it doesn't need a black light to glow, it's the color of a halibut's belly? Well, I'll bet your butt has seen the sun more often than mine has, but I digress. It was ASS. ASS. ASS!

ThomG said...

And thus the correction has been made.