Fiction in 58 on a rainy Saturday

It's amazing what you can do with a good dictionary.
I'm playing a game of online Scrabble. I forgot how much I missed the game. And it got me thinking about my youth, when my mother and I played all the time. I'd put things down like "cat" and she'd throw down "volitant" (flying or capable of flying), use all her tiles and get the 50-point bonus because she did crossword puzzles every single day. In ink.
I moped after a turn just once; it was all she would allow me.
"Learn to get better or find another game," she said.
I have our original Scrabble board.

Games people play

The word was veliger and it sent him into the kitchen to sulk.
The larval stage of a mollusk characterized by the presence of a ciliated velum.
Nine points, plus a triple-word score of 27. He knew the game was over.
“Darling,” she said softly, “I am a marine biologist.”
It was small comfort to the brilliant linguist.


Large Marge said...

Nice piece! Well done!