3WW (on Thursday)

Stopped over to Three Word Wednesday to see what the writing prompt was; I haven’t decided if I am going to do this every week, but the challenge is interesting.
“Each week, I’ll post three words. Your mission is to write something–a poem, story, sentence, anything–using all three words. Leave a comment and a link to your blog if you participate.”
The words are gossip, naïve and station.
At least it gives me a chance to work on a little dialogue.

The Final Straw

He stood with his back slightly to her, to brace the wind – but also to show some measure of displeasure outwardly toward her.
“Are you so naïve to think there’d be nothing said, no repercussions?” he said, in a tone a bit more forceful than he intended in his opening salvo.
Wind whipped bits of paper, newspaper pages, around the station platform; hubris that clung to trouser legs and concrete pillars. The movement made a scraping sound that echoed the wind.
“You think you can gossip and get away with it? Like you're immune to the complete toxicity of your actions because you feel embolden to do so?”
He turned to face her.
“What the fuck?”
She stood, slate-blank eyes on him. No quivering lips, no hunched shoulders. Defiance? Maybe.
There was just a slight well of tears in her eyes; crocodile tears he’d told her once, in another time, when the discourse was again one-sided, awkward.
“You’re friends aren’t just walking away from you, they’re in a full-fucking-out sprint,” he said.
“And just so you know, I’ve got my track shoes on.”


gautami tripathy said...

It worked. I absolutely hated him!

Large Marge said...

Run, Forrest, r-u-n!!!!!

TC said...

I agree with Gautami: I hate him too.

Welcome to 3WW! :) And don't feel bad if you don't participate every week: a lot of people don't.

susan said...

Oh, I've threatened to use my track shoes. This hit close. Thanks for the read.

tumblewords said...

Well. There on that. So. I think she's lucky to be rid of him. Nice post.

Pia Savage said...

Actually she could have hurt him badly--people gossip without thinking of consequences

Jujee said...

Convincing read, I utterly oppose the guy!

ThomG said...

I find it interesting that the antagonist is being vilified so strongly. Not that I wrote it one way or another, but the reaction is highly interesting. Thanks to all who comment.

Queen Of The Valkyries said...

Just for the record, my impression was quite different. I saw this from a completely different perspective than GT & TC. I disliked her.

LittleWing said...

great story told well...either way it's painful...

Michelle Johnson said...

I didn't like this guy either. I am with Tumblewords I think she is much better off. Have a nice weekend.