In the confessional

Over at Black-Eyed Susan’s, she completed a post called Confession Tuesday. Where she asked these questions and reading and writing, and I decided to answer:

1. What are you currently reading and what’s on your to-be-read pile?
I am currently reading “Eat Pray Love,” by Elizabeth Gilbert and “The Gum Thief,” by Douglas Coupland; on the to-read pile is “Lisey’s Story,” by Stephen King (guilty pleasure) and a re-read of Chuck Palahniuk’s “Choke” (the movie version was purchased by Fox Searchlight and will hit theaters Aug. 1).

2. What type of writing influences your work most: fiction, poetry, or non-fiction?
Fiction, hands-down. But across so many genres. Good writing is good writing, no matter if it’s a mystery, a comedy or something dark and depressing.

3. What three characteristics, elements or themes are prevalent in your work?
Oooffffaa. I would say vivid detail on longing and introspection. It’s where I find myself in the present.

4. As a writer and reader, does gender matter?
Not in the least. As long as the writer captures me with what they are doing and where they are going.


Uncle E said...

“Lisey’s Story” is what got me back into King. It's excellent and the characters are as strong as they've been in decades. You're gonna like it (when you finally get around to reading it, that is).

susan said...

Any reason why you didn't let me know you responded? I thought we were becoming fast friends. :-)

I, too, prefer well written literature, but gender matters to me because I am interested in themes and issues typically examined in women's lit. Like you, too,I love quality writing across many genres.

I'm currently reading _Life Work_ by Donald Hall, _Language of Life_ edited by Bill Moyers, _Parable of the Sower_ by Octavia E. Butler and I picked up and finished _The House on Mango Street_ by Sandra Cisneros today.

Poetry is a major influence on my work and works by women in general. I read a fair amount of fiction and non-fiction as well. I majored in English, and I was in school forever so I've taken enough English courses for a Masters at least. Anywhoo, I mention this to say I've had the good fortune of being exposed to a broad range of literature most of which I love.

Thanks for answering the meme.