Haiku of my youth

I like her style, so I asked Black-eyed Susan if she had some poetry prompts she likes. She suggested a few for me to test drive, and I settled on this one over at One Deep Breath:

Chris is suggesting participants write a haiku series (or haibun) which tells a story from your childhood...

And here you go:

Hair gone gold with sun
Black cowboy boots, rose-stitched
Torso caked with dirt

Adventure his game
Fantasy in the field rows
Devilish his grin

Fills his every waking day
Electric touch, feel

Trouble finds the boy
Pilfering farmer’s produce
Warm tomatoes, corn

He wriggles like fish
Plucked roughly from muddy ponds
Against overalls

“Explain this one”
Farmer in the dell exclaims
“To your mother, son”

She is not amused
“This better be good,” she says
hands rested on hips

A grin fills his face
“But mom, his stuff tastes the best”
the farmer’s grip goes

“Well, no harm, I guess”
“Just watch you don’t break my fence”
Mom just rolls her eyes


Anonymous said...

I love the part when... "...the farmer's grip goes..." Your haibun made me smile and chuckle, my friend. I think I needed that today.

Sandy Carlson said...

Oh, that's a resourceful young man there! Great stuff.
Writing in Faith: Poems,

Roswila said...

"He wriggles like fish
Plucked roughly from muddy ponds
Against overalls"

Delightful series. I particularly like the above image. :-)

tumblewords said...

Nifty haibun! Isn't it the truth - the food's tastier on the other side! Love it!

susan said...

Try?! So you're one of those writers who does everything well. You're a very good storyteller.

I attempted this and just couldn't come up with anything. No matter. Sometimes it's better to read, enjoy and comment to others.

Like what you do and thanks for the nod and if you'd like another place for prompts, my longtime partner in crime and I have formed The Last Piaster. The aim is straightforward, not a lot of bells and whistles. We'll provide writing exercises to improve writing, talk poetry, write, talk poetry.

I've linked your blog. Surface Tension is a regular stop for me now.

susan said...

Screwed up the link. Try this

The Last Piaster

ThomG said...

Susan, wow, thanks. This year, I see a huge awakening of what writing I do for work and the Writing that's in my heart. I'll check out The Last Piaster, and thanks or the link.

qualcosa di bello said...

i *LOVE* this one...what a clever boy you were! a story worthy of a hearty laugh...thank you!