Mixetape fit for the Queen

Some of you asked that I post a playlist when (if) I ever got the Queen of Valkyries mixtape done. I've listened to it about 20 times to get the flow down, and this is it. I burned the CD Friday night. And I do realize that many won't get some of the more subtle titles/themes, since they don't know the Queen. But that's OK.

Here's the playlist (comments and/or suggestions will be taken/disagreed with/ignored):

“Give It Up,” LCD Soundsystem
“Lazy Eye,” Silversun Pickups
Punkrocker (Featuring Iggy Pop),” Teddybears
“Boredom,” Buzzcocks
“Song Against Sex,” Neutral Milk Hotel
“Monosyllabic Girl,” NOFX
“See No Evil,” Television
“Vampire,” The Blakes
“Wolf Like Me,” TV On the Radio
“Get Your Hands Off My Woman,” The Darkness
“You! Me! Dancing!,” Los Campesinos!
“I Ain't Gettin' Any,” The Monks
“Back to the Party,” The Push Stars
“Someone I Care About,” The Modern Lovers
“Fidelity,” Regina Spektor
“When the Sun Goes Down,” Arctic Monkeys
“Nightclub Jitters,” The Replacements
“Divine Hammer,” The Breeders
“Stuck Between Stations,” The Hold Steady
“Radio, Radio,” Elvis Costello
“Bam Thwok,” Pixies

Oh, and if anyone wants this particular mix, comment on it - then email me.


Uncle E said...

Very nice flow, Thom! I especially liked the includion of The Monks "I Ain't Gettin' Any".
Here's a couple I recently made. Whatcha think?


#1. This Is Halloween, by Danny Elfman
#2. Double Dare, by Bauhaus
#3. Gary Gilmore’s Eyes, by The Adverts
#4. Yo De Lo, by The Bevis Frond
#5. Julian Cope Is Dead, by Bill Drummond
#6. A New England, by Billy Bragg
#7. The Ascent Of Stan, by Ben Folds
#8. In The Dark, by Billy Squier
#9. Baby’s On Fire, by Brian Eno
#10: Something’s Gone Wrong Again, by The Buzzcocks
#11. Get Down, by The Butthole Surfers
#12. (I Can’t Get Me No) Satisfaction, by DEVO
#13. Hurdy Gurdy Man, by Donovan
#14. Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues, by The Eels
#15. Mr. Pharmacist, by The Fall
#16. Natural’s Not In It, by Gang Of Four
#17. Titties And Beer, by Frank Zappa
#18. Re-Make/ Re-Model, by Roxy Music
#19. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road), by Frank Sinatra
#20. What A Wonderful World, by The Flaming Lips
#21. Ezekiel 25-17, by Samuel L Jackson


#1. Get It On, by Grinderman
#2. No More Heroes, by The Stranglers
#3. Skull Ring, by Iggy Pop
#4. Just Like Honey, by Jesus And Mary Chain
#5. Last Living Souls, by Gorillaz
#6. Wardance, by Killing Joke
#7. Crosstown Traffic, by Jimi Hendrix
#8. Peter Lorre, by The Jazz Butcher
#9. Build A Fire, by The K.L.F.
#10. Pablo Picasso, by The Modern Lovers
#11. Jumping Fences, by The Olivia Tremor Control
#12. Happy, by Neds Atomic Dustbin
#13. War Of The Superbikes, by The Meatmen
#14. Planet Of Sound, by The Pixies
#15. Misfit Love, by The Queens Of The Stone Age
#16. Hippie Priest Burn Out, by LCD Soundsystem
#17. Chewier, by Ozric Tentacles
#18. Wild Cats Of Kilkenney, by The Pogues
#19. Gold’s Gym Guy, by The Rugburns
#20. Driver’s Seat, by Sniff ‘N’ The Tears
#21. Goodnight Ladies, by Lou Reed

Uncle E said...

...by the way, I'd love a copy of the Arctic Monkeys...


ThomG said...

Both are fantastic. Gary Gilmore's Eyes I haven't heard in years. I like the Pixies selection as well as The Modern Lover's "Pablo Picasso;" 'cause, Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole. The Arctic Monkeys is yours.

Mistress of the Mix said...

T-Daddy, I love it so far, totally hooked by the first one. And Uncle E (or maybe I should call you E-Uncle), I really liked your playlists too (wink wink nudge nudge yourself)!!! Mayhaps Thom can arrange a trade. I got more mixedtapes in my arsenal!
Back in 1982, when I first dipped my toe into the underground punk-wavo music scene, a new friend gave me a bunch of her vinyl, one by one. First: Buzzcocks. Still love 'em to this day. Second: The Sex Pistols. But the one group that I have loved through all of the transitions their sound made from the mid 70's until Hugh Cornwell left in '90 is The Stranglers.
Oh.....and T-Daddy....I'm still looking through boxes in the basement to find a tape that I KNOW exists of The Worm Cowboys, the band I had in high school. We called ourselves a 'country & spaghetti western band' but really we were a unique hybrid of skate/surf/reggae/newwave/thrash with a hint of morricone.
The Ziggins stole some of our best stuff, I swear it. And I've got the tape to prove it....somewhere.

Uncle E said...

Oh Queen, I think a mixtape transaction from me to Thom to you could be a very real possibility! Just tell him what you'd like.
I also love the Stranglers, one of my favs still to this day. Particularly like the Raven/ Feline era (although the sleazy early stuff was pretty darned good, too!).