I tried to watch Sunday Night Football, hell I had a bet on the game - sorry, no chicken wings and beer for you Dah-Veed – but I couldn’t sit still for more than 15 minutes at a time.
I took the dogs for a walk.
I contemplated calling people who had left messages all weekend (and ended up not returning a single call).
I’d check my email every 20 minutes.
I’d research stuff on the Internets every 25 minutes (and sometimes, after getting off, I’d remember what I wanted to look up in the first place – and go back on).
I am distracted.
It is not a good place.
I went to the grocery store Sunday specifically to pick up cat litter (the Sunday insert offered a two-for-one deal). I picked up some bread, some produce, some canned goods – and got all the way home without the one thing I went to the store for, which means a special trip today (if I can stay focused enough).
The distractions are fucking with the very fiber of my being. By most everyone’s observations, I am somewhat OCD; I would say that I am hyper-focused and hyper-organized.
Not being able to focus on a fucking football game for chrissakes, that’s irritating.
But focus I must. I’ve got shit to do. Friends who need things from me (my parents’ doctor wants to come out and fish in December; I’m hooking up all his guides) and things that must be done for work and outside of work.
I have no need – I have no desire – for my brain to be distracted.
Anyway, I promise that this week, I’ll post a bit of short fiction I’m trying to work on. Boots has seen a bit of what burped out Friday, and she seemed to think it was pretty OK.
I just hope I can stay focused to finish.