ThomG frightens Christians

The doorbell rang while I was wiping down the bathroom.
A couple of days ago, there was a flier on the front doorknob announcing that a very conservative Christian church would send their faithful to “preach the Good Word” during the Easter season.
At the door were a heavyset middle-aged woman and an awkward, pimp-faced teenager who looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but on my porch.
Sirius’ punk channel pumped out “Brand New Cadillac” by The Clash.
The volume wasn’t at 11, but it was damn close.
I got to the door just as Joe Strummer sang;

“Baby, baby drove up in a Cadillac; I said, Jesus Christ! Where’d you get that Cadillac? She said, balls to you, daddy. She ain’t never coming back!”

“Oh, oh,” the woman said. “We are so sorry to have bothered you.”
She turned, bumped into the teen and nearly sprinted down the driveway.
Here’s a blanket statement (and my opinion): Conservative Christians are some of the most intolerant people on this planet.
(And if any conservative Christians want to debate me, here I am.)
Granted, I’m hard to pigeonhole. I march to my own musical beat. I look different. I act different.
And make no apologies for doing so.
(And no one else should either; what makes this world special an interesting is the little differences.)
This woman decided not to get to know that. She saw what she wanted to see, and left.
She didn’t see a man secure in his faith, his spiritual condition. Connected to his emotions, his feelings.
I believe in faith, fidelity, family. I believe in a lot of great and wonderful things.
I stand at a place of great adventure, open to the world and what it can teach; what it can share.
She didn’t get the chance to find that out. She didn't want to chat.
Her loss.


Kelly said...

I have never posted on your blog but have peeked in from time to time. This was interesting. You say that you are strong in your faith and spirituality and all your positive traits that others may not take the time to notice or care about because uf their close mindedness. Then there those who would look at me and thing I must have it all together, but IM the one lacking in faith right and trying to make sense of it all, yet people would never know that. The whole appearance thing.

You are right...her loss.

ThomG said...

I just think everyone needs to be open to everyone else - and be true to yourself. For years, I wasn't (true to myself). Now I am. And those who know me - or have taken th time to get to know me - see me for who I am (but see themselves for who they are, too).

TheRobRogers said...

Her loss indeed. "She ain't never comin' back."

gwadzilla said...


the ones that have had a full dose of Kool Aid are not ready to listen

they just want to believe what they believe and do not want to risk hearing the truth

people are imperfect
why would this information be real or true
as man has shown his greed and corruption for all time

the Catholic church especially

the clash rocks

gwadzilla said...

looks and sounds sweet....

great singletrack
fantastic weather

still winter-esque here in DC

RachelRenae said...

I certainly won't debate you on this. I agree, I know a ton of Christians just like that. However, I know plenty of people who call themselves open-minded that will judge me the second they find out I call Christ my Lord.

It sucks, but we all get judged. The only thing we can do is, as you said, be true to ourselves. I respect you for this.