I've got your back

I cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound (small fences give me trouble).
I probably could be run down by a speeding Dachshund.
Strength? Certainly not more powerful than a locomotive, but…
I’m the guy you want to have around.
I’ve got your back.
I’m good in a crisis.
Twice this weekend, friends made the call – and reached out in times of trouble.
While I can no long save anybody (in a salvation kind of way), I relish the roll of being the one person someone can depend on to be there. For whatever crisis happens to have befallen them.
And I felt honored that these two friends felt comfortable enough to make that call.
Whenever. Wherever.
Saturday, a friend had her house broken into. All she needed was someone around. Just to be calm. Just to be there. To reassure her everything was OK – and would be OK.
We chilled. Ate chicken soup (the girl can cook). Drank wine. Until the jitters left – and her roommate returned.
Sunday, another friend called.
“What are you doing?”
“Sitting on my ass. Trying to get over this cold.”
“Mind helping me get a bike?”
Her husband was on a road ride and went down. Broken collarbone (which, having broke both sides of mine at the same time, I can honestly say that it is one bitch of a bone to break). The bike was in front of a double-wide, out in the sprawling hills west of town.
We got the bike, talked about the break and I told her what to expect. I recommended that he try sleeping in a recliner.
And then I left the pair alone to commiserate.
As I walked to the truck, my friend said:
“You’re definitely the man to call in a crisis, ThomG.”
Always have been.
Always will be.


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