Happy Friend Day

It is good to have a wide circle of friends.
It’s even better to let that circle grow – without even really trying.
So, no-brainer statement, right?
Well, as a supposedly impassioned journalist, I’ve always thought it proper to distance myself from people. And since I’ve wanted to be a journalist all my life, I’ve taken this approach throughout my existance.
Very few close friends – and a lot of acquaintances that I never let in close.
Screw that.
Through trials and tribulations – and just being out there – I see better now the power and beauty of friendship.
The weekend was full of friendship. And the circle got a little bigger.
Sunday sort of just put this all into perspective.
I got up, blogged and spent nearly three hours on the phone, talking to friends and family. I needed to return a movie I borrowed, so I decided to ride the Mule Mountain Trails (it's close to my buddy's house).
But when I rolled up to the Institute for Advanced Hedonism, the chancellor invited me in for an espresso. We sat on his porch, with an expansive view of the valley and Lassen Peak in the distance. We talked.
I think I overstayed my welcome, but that’s just me.
I said my goodbyes and got in an OK ride (I’ve decided that I’ve got 364 days to get in ride shape, as I have committed to ride the Lemurian mountain bike race next year).
While out on the trails, Winggirl called to say that we were to meet at 4 p.m. for a Nordic walk. I hustled to a friend’s house, talk a bit and borrow an extra set of sticks – and rolled in the parking lot sweaty and dirty, still in my cycling gear.
A few wet-naps and some deodorant to be presentable (and a quick-change into less disgusting duds in the truck) and we decided to do the entire 7-mile river trail loop – and did a lot of talking and a lot of walking.
And it was suggested that I accompany my other friend to a barbecue for her softball team.
I accepted.
And had a blast.
(Although three cosmopolitans would have been enough for the evening – instead of the four cosmos, a martini and a beer - so thank goodness of the restorative sobering powers of ice cream and cherry pie.)
Great conversation. Extended invites for future events. New friends who got to see me as me –and not just as the guy in the newspaper.


Kimbolina said...

Sounds like you had a terrific day, ThomG. You need plenty of them. And friends, well, I can't say enough about them. You certainly can't have too many of them, if they're the real deal.

The Chancellor said...

Overstayed your welcome? No way! I was concerned you weren't going to get to ride and annoyed I couldn't go ride too. Another time. Glad to be part of such an awesome day!