This is the place I'll go

Bitchin’ view, huh?
That’s the Cirque of the Towers in the Wind River Range in Wyoming.
Where I’ll be spending seven days in August writing about, photographing and mapping the Continental Divide Trail with my team and sponsored by Backpacker Magazine and the Continental Divide Trail Alliance.
It is trip 30, out of 50. Fifty teams, 3,100 miles of trail from Canada to Mexico.
Backpacker ranks this section as the best week you can spend outdoors. Anywhere:

“What backpacker hasn't dreamed of a range of soaring granite peaks cloaked in snowfields and azure skies, a place to hike from lake to alpine lake through endless meadows of bluebells, lupine, and purple gentian? Well, sometimes dreams come true - like on the 67-mile section between the Big Sandy and Green River Lakes trailheads. The path traverses the west side of the Wind Rivers, paralleling the 12,000- and 13,000-foot mountains forming the Continental Divide. Special thrills include the Sound-of-Music meadow of Fish Creek Park, the jagged peaks reflected in Mirror Lake, the views of spires from the CDT's highest point in Wyoming (11,120-foot Lester Pass) - but in truth, the entire stretch is so idyllic it might just redefine your vision of perfection.”

I spent much of the afternoon stressed as how to get to Jackson Hole, Wyo. (trivia time: the Jackson airport is the only airport in the U.S. within a national park). Team members were working fast and furious to get to Jackson and the team leader called and said there were 10 seats left on the plane from Denver to Jackson and he booked my flight.
And I needed to call the travel agent with my credit card to pay for it.
It’s a great round-trip fare. I just don’t have it.
A wise and caring coworker told me to ask the boss to pay for it.
“Worst case, they say no.”
They said yes.
And more faith is restored.