ThomG dabbles in the occult

It’s all fun and games.
Tarot cards. Readings.
But you never know. Positive mental attitude and all that; it’s either a case of seeing what you want to see in the cards, or maybe there is something to it.
A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine and I broke out my Aleister Crowley set of tarot cards and did a reading (yes, I have a set of tarot cards; it is interesting what you find on bookshelves when you dust).
Just, you know, for shits and grins.
I went first, and we did the Celtic Cross. It uses the most cards, 10, and supposedly “gives you insights into the quality of the moment from different viewpoints.”

For those uninitiated to tarot, it is said that it is a “tool that can be used for orienting oneself on the path toward greater awareness;” you think a question, you ask the question and turn the tarot cards over to get the response.

“Where am I going?” was my question.

First card (my basic situation): The Emperor. “As long as the Emperor’s powers are used for transformation and new beginnings, their effect is beneficial.” Indications: This is a propitious moment for change or a new beginning; trust your own energy and move with it."

Second card (influences hindering or furthering the basic situation): Prince of Wands. “The Prince of Wands is a fascinating expression of youthful, bubbling-over energy and joy of life.” Indications: “You have all you need! Don’t let yourself be contained! Don’t let yourself be slowed down! Life is prepared to receive you. Trust your boundless creative potential.”

Third card (my conscious thoughts about the question): 10 of Disks - Wealth. “These riches must be shared (communicated) if they are to remain valuable. Indications: “You have attracted to you everyone who is a part of your life. You have created every situation in your life and you create your own reality. The wealth in your hands is your own to do with what you like. The responsibility is yours and you are endlessly wealthy!”

Fourth card (my unconscious thoughts about the question): Queen of Wands. “…she has mastered self-knowledge. She has looked deep into her own nature, which has led to a transformation of her being.” Indications: “You have worked on yourself and made progress; it’s time to learn how to share this with others. Let your self-realization be expressed in your everyday life.”

“This is spooky, ThomG,” my friend said. “Very spooky.”
It gets better.

Fifth card (past influences, or that which is just ending): Three of Swords - Sorrow. “Clarity has become diffused; gloomy clouds of doubt, fear or worry are limiting mind and soul.” Indications: “This card is a summons to make clear, unequivocal decisions.”
It also was suggested that I draw another card to “show what awaits you when you confront your problem.” I drew Four of Swords – Truce.
“Worry has been conquered. The yellow-green of spiritual creativity dominates the picture once again.” Indications: “You have enough inner clarity to successfully carry out your plans. Be sure at all times that you feel good about what is happening.”

“OK, this is getting freaky,” my friend said.

Sixth card (Future influences, or that which is just beginning): Prince of Cups. “The central task of the Prince of Cups is to master dealing with emotional needs.” Indications: “Accept your sexual needs and passions and live them out with awareness. You will discover a lot in the process. Give yourself totally to the experience and observe yourself in it.”


Seventh card (myself; my attitude and approach to the question): Queen of Cups. “The light of consciousness causes unconscious energies to arise in new form. The old appears in a new light, is transfigured and emotional rebirth has taken place.” Indications: “By showing your feelings openly you have become beautiful. There may be people who don’t understand you; don’t concern yourself about it. There are enough others with whom you can share your feelings.”

“Man, that’s true,” my friend said. “So far, so good.”

Eighth card (the energies coming to me from the outer world): Nine of Cups – Happiness. “A great sense of blessedness arises from total joy.” Indications: “This moment is filled with harmony and inner joy; open yourself to it totally. Don’t miss!”

“I like that one,” I said.
“It’s spooky, just spooky Mr. G.”

Ninth card (my hopes and fears): Three of Disks, -Works. “This card indicates full employment of your energies in any situation which you feel yourself obliged to deal with; you are willing to undertake even difficult tasks: The sense of obligation comes from within.” Indications: “Some situation is demanding your readiness to work steadily; engage yourself totally, it is worth it.”

Tenth card (result, outcome, key): Seven of Swords – Futility. “Gloomy subconscious expectations muddy your insight. A heavy anxiety prevails, although in reality everything is going perfectly well.” Indications: “Your fears have nothing to do with reality! Wake up and see what’s really happening.”

(And the brakes finally engage.)

But, it was suggested that I draw another card and ask the question: “How will my life look when I drop my doubts?”
I drew the Princess of Wands.
No shit, I have a witness:

“The fear is conquered! When fear disappears, undreamed-of springs of enthusiasm and joy bubble up, revitalizing our lives. Our self-limiting fears, the tiger’s corpse, can be buried and forgotten.” Indications: “Your old fears have lost their power over you. Their dead remains cannot frighten you any longer. Reflect now on your greatest strengths.”

I dig this tarot stuff.


TheRobRogers said...

That's just amazing.

RachelRenae said...

I like 9, 10, and 11. Very cool, man.

ThomG said...

I give the "astronaut thumbs up" to number six. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

O.k., so when is the next Tarot card reading at TDaddy's? - Norbydoo

RachelRenae said...

haha, I bet you do.