Just grit your teeth

It's amazing what you can accomplish with a pair of surgical scissors, tweezers, a big needle and lots and lots of rubbing alcohol.
(And a high threshold for pain.)
I fixed my in-grown toenail problem, took some Ibuprofen, wrapped the forearm in an ACE bandage and made my buddy Don feel guilty - and went on a seven-mile Nordic walk.
The river trail was hopping with people -and wildlife. I tried to get a picture of a doe with her two fawn, but mostly I got blurry brown smudges.
The walk was great. We hit a pretty good clip, and the weather stayed cool in the overcast for most of the trek.
When we got done, there was big doings on the Union Pacific railroad trestle. The train was stopped mid-way on the bridge and the engineers were talking to two cops.
A CHP fixed-winged aircraft kept circling.
"Do you think it was a jumper?" a runner asked me.
"Maybe, but why are they looking up there if it was a jumper?"
It is a long way down to the river from the bridge.
(Yes, I had my camera; no I didn't take a single frame.)
Boy, do I feel better.


carl said...

No picture of the ingrown toenail surgery either? Glad to see you saved the day and had some fun.

Salmonqueen said...

Bully for you Thom G. It's all about choices.To quote Frank " I picked myself up and got back on the road". Indeed you did, and what a good thing,not only for the physical pleasure, but for the moment of looking over the trestle and thinking 'bout a jumper.