TDaddy in the house

From now on, just call me TDaddy.
The truck has a new name, too.
“Chariot of Goodness.”
(I like that.)
It was so decreed on Friday.
“Where did you come up with that?” a friend asked another, as she decreed it.
“I just made it up. Right now. TDaddy.”
Look for the clothing line very, very soon.
Expect lots of leather.
And fur.
And hats (I like hats).
TDaddy has a request for my posse.
The final 10 minutes of my ride home were the most uncomfortable I’ve ever spent in my own vehicle.
(And no, I never would have left the task up to either of you ladies.)
But the next time you see me at the pub, I expect to be paid handsomely, plied favorably with frosty beverages.
TDaddy says “Peace, out.”


Beth said...

Happy Easter Mr ThomG those christians missed out loads you should have chased them and given them your blog address!

Christy Lochrie said...

TDaddy, you rock. A pleasure to ride in the Goodness Chariot. And THANK YOU for the good deed. A frothy beverage awaits you. And what happened to that redneck button?