Tuesday confessions

In the darkness, the only shadows cast by flickering street lights, the mind works overtime.
There's no sleep, there hasn't been long stretches of slumber for days, and the coolness off the windows brings with it a melancholy.
For boldness, a bold move that makes a difference. Makes sense of the changes, all the struggles up to this point.
But in the darkness, over a city that sleeps, few things come to mind.
It's the letting go that's the problem. The work ethic. Being a stable, productive member of society with a job and a purpose from it.
Up from the chair and back to bed. Stare at the ceiling. Reposition. Stare at the wall.
Something's gotta give.


Rachael Cassidy said...

bold confessions. fears. i hear them all, in my own mind. lack of sleep; a mind that works overtime when it should be slumbering.

my solace is in two little blue pills: "simply sleep."

if it were only that simple.