OneWord, Options

Quick and dirty nanofiction, based on OneWord. That word is "options."

(Spoiler alert: A story I wrote won honorable mention in a contest run by novelist Jason Evans. There were 237 entries. Go check it out.)

The options were endless.
Everyone said it, even more thought it.
Standing there as he was, maybe he didn’t believe it. Perhaps he chose not to believe. He was a cautious sort, always looking to take the easier – more safe – route. Hence the job that paid just enough, with OK reviews and cost-of-living raises.
But now, there was no looking back. The very people that once meant something were dead, buried.
His options were endless.
If he could lift the veil of sadness and choose a new path for his life.


Unknown said...

Isn't it funny about human? Always find an easy way out!!

rebecca said...

I liked this very much. A haunting and sad tale that is sometimes much too real...