OneWord, Yoga

OneWord is a writing prompt that deals in brevity. One word, 60 seconds. Don't think, just write. The word? Yoga.

She did everything for her husband, the faithful wife.
It wasn’t enough. As her responsibilities grew, she let her appearance go. A few extra pounds here and there – the kids were at an age where mini corn dogs and mac and cheese were staples and she ate along – and something changed. He’d stay later at work, be evasive on nights out with the guys.
His moving out nearly killed her.
She found salvation in yoga, strength training.
And he admitted, running into her out to dinner, that she looked fine.
She smiled, shyly.


Catherine Denton said...

Love it! I've decided you're the short story King. You pack a square inch with mountains of emotion.
Winged Writer

Monica Manning said...

Ah. The ultimate chick fantasy. To run into the Ex and be looking better than when you/he left. It really is the sweetest revenge.

Marg said...

I've found it amusing that many of your followers are women including myself yet so often your portrayal of women is harsh. This post makes lovely contrast