Consulting the Tarot for 2010

There’s some truth is the statement that the future is just tomorrow’s past.
That still doesn’t excuse my thirst to find the “next big thing.”
So with that, it’s time to consult the Tarot for the first time in 2010. A self reading with my Aleister Crowley Tarot cards.
As I have done before, I use the Celtic Cross, which uses 10 cards and is considered to be the most complete system.

The question?

“What is my next path?

1. Base card, my basic situation: Prince of Wands; A new journey of discovery is about to be embarked upon.

2. Influences, either hindering or furthering the basic situation: Ace of Disks; You are becoming increasingly aware of your contribution and value.

3. Conscious thoughts on the question/situation: Knight of Disks; Make un-pressured choices, dream big dreams - and be generous.

4. Unconscious thoughts about the question/situation: 10 of Disks, Wealth; You are required to meet obligations.

5. Past influences, or that which is just ending: The Chariot; Use the powers of your mind to focus your energy.

6. Future influences, or that which is just beginning: Four of Swords, Truce; Summon creativity and resourcefulness from the depths of your being.

7. Myself, my attitude toward the question/situation: The Magnus; Be playful and stay open - the possibilities are endless.

8. The energies coming to me from the outer world: The Aeon; A gathering of lost fragments allows you to connect to your Higher Self.

9. My hopes and fears: Two of Wands, Domination; Assess your situation with patience and self-restraint.

10. Result, outcome, key: The Empress; Look for opportunities to be generous, warm and nurturing.


Stephanie said...

That's an excellent reading! The Empress as the outcome bodes creative fulfillment as well.

I found you through Rebecca's site, "Just A Thought".

Monica Manning said...

What a great reading. I'd be quite psyched if that was mine. Before I even read what the other cards were, I saw the picture of Empress card and wasn't surprised that you pulled it. I would expect nothing less from a self-proclaimed romantic.

I'm quite impressed, as well, as I'm not able to read my own cards.

Beth said...

I also enjoy Tarot although I don't do my own readings. You may benefit from reading "Finding Your Own North Star" by Martha Beck. I'm finding many revelations for myself in it.