OneWord, Figure

Sixty seconds and a cloud of dust. That’s OneWord, a writer’s prompt for those who want a challenge. See the word and write. The word? Figure.

She spent the time in it, but often, even she marveled at her figure.
The curves were all in place, sumptuous, each angle crisp, taut. Two hours at the gym a day, avoid the fries, it was dedication.
That figure brought looks, lines, suggestions. Her social calendar was full. Yet, nothing lasted past the first encounter.
The figure drew them in, but her insides were vapid, putrid.
She just worked harder on the figure, forgetting the beauty locked deep inside.


pia said...

Me like! Your writing constantly amazes me Thom. Your fiction is about the best on the Internet and you can quote me

Anya Padyam said...

Nice one!

Yes, inner beauty is key!

And I agree with Pia - you write so well!!