Tuesday confessional

It’s early, but the headache is a low, dull throb.
Just the body crying out for what it has been denied – caffeine, sugar, alcohol and whatever chemicals are in every foodstuff that’s processed.
Embarking on a 21-day, the early days are the worst.
Oh, there is food to be consumed. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains.
The bad stuff, well, it seems to be more filling.
The hope is clarity. Cut down on the junk, in hopes the message can be heard.
It is obvious I cannot be happy in my current surroundings. There are good friends, yes, but it isn’t enough. There’s a wanderlust in my heart that grows louder with each passing day.
So to open everything up, I fast.
There is meditation as well, soft candlelight dancing against dark walls, where it is quiet and I’m open to the possibilities.