2010, an early assessment

The first few days of 2010 have so far bumbled on, so much like 2009 ended. A low-energy, gear-grinding set of circumstances. Lurching forward enough to move, but without much gusto.
The agent of change resides in the heart, in the mind. Ruled by the gut. Played out by rising above fear and doubt and stepping forward into the darkness. Waiting for the light.
Can’t seem to find the light switch. Yet.
So things continue as they have, without much taste or texture.
This emotional life needs cardiac resuscitation, a couple thousand volts would do, to start the beat, keep it strong. Still looking for the paddles to make it so.
Thing is, time is not the enemy. It is a friend, a soft favorite T-shirt. Hurry up and wait? Bide the time that’s there. Experience. Taste, touch, feel.
Even if it starts out as a lonely affair.
Richness comes from memories made in boldness.


Noah said...

Yes, I feel as though time has left me behind. I'm fighting to do anything at all these days.