OneWord, Powder

Went to writer’s group recently. Got into a discussion about prompts. One person said, “Prompts are for people just getting started, who don’t know what they’re doing.”
I disagree.
Prompts help keep your mind fresh, helps find the details in your writing.
So, in that vein, here’s a OneWord prompt. Sixty seconds and the word “powder.”

His pockets were full of the stuff. Slick, fluffy, powdery. Dark gray, with flecks of black. The occasion little bit of whitish grit. His fingers turned the color of the powder, each and every time he took them from his pockets. Darkness down to the second knuckles. He got up the nerve to smell those fingers.
The powder could not conjure the smell of her.


Noah the Great said...

I disagree as well, though I don't think someone should entirely base all their writing on prompts. Perhaps, that doesn't sound like it makes sense, but what I mean is that there is writing you wouldn't have written by not following prompts or where the words decide to go on their own.

pia said...

First that's some powerful flash flash fiction. A typo--you mean "he got up the nerve..."
The thing is I'm confused as to the type of powder--thought you might have meant ashes but they're small rocks--the dark gray throws me. Is it supposed to?

I think prompts help immensely. Clear the mind. I also sometimes use them in my "real" writing. All writers use tricks to keep themselves stimulated. I'm sure even Stephen King does

Anonymous said...

I thought it was cremation ashes too. Never looked too hard at any though.

Prompts are everywhere. Inspiration is hiding behind pretty much everything.

ThomG said...

I did mean cremated remains, but didn't want to whack people over the head with it. And thanks, Pia, for the edit. I write for 60 seconds, then go shower. Then edit and post. Today I didn't do that.

Catherine Denton said...

You're writing is wonderful as always.

I agree with you about prompts. I wouldn't have written with them when I first started--too much pressure. Now I write with them to stimulate my mind on something other than my WIP. I think they challenge me to be creative in ways I wouldn't normally be.
Winged Writer

Julie JordanScott said...

AMEN to prompts keeping your writing fresh. I am sure the people sneering down their noses at using prompting aren't very able writers... (or rather, write with a stick up their... well, never mind - they would never use phrases like that, they are too busy criticising or poking their noses into the stratosphere.. and your writing...once again, pleasing to the voluptuaries among us. In my OneWord writing, I went with powder and scent as well.

Donna said...

You mean you didn't take a shower? :)

I also agree about prompts. Loved the post.

Jeeves said...

Prompts are good, because kind of makes you think on the words. But at times it also restricts the flow of a post