Wednesday's Three Word Wednesday

The prompt words over at Three Word Wednesday are grave, lithe and offend.

Meat Locker
Smoke hangs over her head, gray storm clouds building each time she exhales a lungful of air.
Despite the baggy clothing, she’s lithe, slick, boyish. She hides her angles to them to heighten the allure. She powders her face, applies a little rouge, re-applies black lipstick. She hates her lips, their thinness, and makes a face.
She runs a quick hand though her dark hair, which a friend has cut short. A precaution out here, when you have to run, there’s nothing to grab onto. Same goes for her clothing; the volume allows for a quick egress when trouble finds her.
She’s trolling tonight. The other ladies, all dressed to flash like neon, hurl insults in hopes of driving her away. She is not offended.
She owns this block.
The men come to admire the tarts, ogle the flesh, but fall for her androgyny.
She’s careful, this one, and she hunts quickly.
The trick is old, she likes them mature, and follows as she walks into the dimness of the alley.
She’s chosen this particular block for its proximity to the warehouse district. She tells them it’s more fun in a warehouse, the echoes amplifing her desires.
She opens the door and for a brief instant, a hint of decay. Old blood spilled, haplessly cleaned.
She unbuckles his pants, yanks them to his knees. She’s rough about it, and moves his jacket down his arms. His hands disappear just as he reaches for her.
And in that moment, he’s vulnerable.
She flicks the straight razor open, drags it across his throat. She’s strong, this one, and the razor bites deep. His eyes go wide as he drops to his knees.
She stands clear of the spray, forcing herself to keep eye contact. It’s important they know who did this, who ended them.
He falls into a heap, the last nerves firing into jerky twitches.
She grabs his greasy hair and drags him to a locked metal door. She’s quick with the key and opens the meat locker.
Her chilly grave for the bastards who cut up her mother.


Sepiru Chris said...

Dark again, Thom, and vengeance walks your streets.

One wonders what, or who, your muses are, and (forgive me) where they reside in South Dakota... then the opening sequence of Blue Velvet dance across synapses.

That post you put up ages ago, about visiting the cabin across the fields, and the plundering of blood by ticks... well, I know there is a seedy, bloody underbelly to South Dakota, from that alone.

And it seeps, languidly, that " hint of decay. Old blood spilled, haplessly cleaned." in so many of your lightning tales.

Bravo, Thom.

And I mean that in that operatic sense.



anthonynorth said...

A dark tale of vengeance. Delicious.

Tim Remp said...

An enjoyable read, dark and powerful. I cheered her revenge.

Daily Panic said...

i find it interesting your heroine transformed to to set the bait for one type of man. Isn't that how all preditators are?
A look into the mind of a killer is scary no matter how justified it is.

Oh and I know you will hate this- it was 84 degrees here in AL at noon.

PurestGreen said...

This was great. I loved how my instincts had me presuming that she would be the weaker one, until the shift came. Great stuff.

Crybbe666 said...

Agree with the above but just wanted to add that this line absolutely summed her up for me..."She’s strong, this one, and the razor bites deep."
Vengeance is hers...
Fantastic piece, would love to know more about her!

Dee Martin said...

Interesting and curious little girl. Smart - she plans. Scary.

mark said...

As I'm reading this, I am listening to the new Brian Setzer Orchestra CD...his attempt at a noir works well with this well told tale of revenge.

You gave enough information to infer the rest. Well done.

Americanising Desi said...

is it appropriate to label this "scary" said...

great read indeed my friend Kept me in my seat to get done quickly before she cut me. Look forward to reading you again next week.

The Ballerina

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Dark stuff here. I love the way you described the young woman. Great visuals, but you didn't slow down the story. Nice job!

peggy said...

This story begs for a preamble and a sequel. Is she only hunting the ones who committed the crime? Or are all men of a certain type guilty by physical attributes alone? How long has she been avenging her mother? When will she stop?

Pulled in, stayed and witnessed, now I want some Vic's Vapor Rub to get the smell of decay out of my nose. (smile)

Fantastic story telling, Thom.

gautami tripathy said...

You are a master of dark. And I like the shivery feelings I get after reading your dark posts. As Tony says, delicious!

gravely offended

Tumblewords: said...

Revenge is best served cold. Brrr.

Anonymous said...

This was great, I didn't expect the kill, awesome job!

swapna said...

Great dark one..title went with it well too.