OneWord, Clasp

The prompt at OneWord is “clasp.” What can you say in 60 seconds?
(And yes, I did some editing when the 60 was up.)

He feared many things. Crowds, enclosed spaces, spiders, all manners of human contact. He chose to live alone, as sterile as possible, making his way out only for resupply. He’d even found a career he could do from home, with no expectations to ever show up at the home office.
While safe from everyday life, his heart still yearned like a foolish schoolboy.
She did that to him, the girl at register 2 at the corner market. She was brash and fresh and openly flirted, just with him. He marveled at the piercings and tattoos, wondered what it was like to be that free.
While buying milk and cold cereal, a favorite dinner, she finally felt the time was right. She clasp a hand across his wrist, opened his hand with hers.
“Bet I can tell your future,” she said, and ran a saliva-slick finger across his palm.


Catherine Denton said...

60 seconds? That's impressive.