OneWord, Tray

Is it me, or are these words getting harder? OneWord, a writer's prompt that counts on brevity. Today's word? Tray.

In Good Taste

She’d brought the morsels out on her grand-mama’s oblong silver tray, a bright heavy thing that threatened to engulf the tiny savory snacks arraigned on its surface.
She glided through the room, offering up the bites to her guests, who in fits of party politeness, took one.
She sensed their apprehension.
“Please, everyone, they will not bite you back,” she said. “Offal is the new black truffle of the food world.”
One hearing that, the guests munched heartily on all the nasty bits once reserved for the underclass.
And she wondered if Jeffrey would have been offended that they’d balked at his obvious good taste.


Anonymous said...

Why yes, I you may be getting harder.... Sorry, but you asked for that one ;-) -- SnarkyPants

lissa said...

just look up "Offal" and I cannot believe it, perhaps it's best not to know the meaning...

Dee Martin said...

um yum? Snow giving you cabin fever LOL?
I love how you write these little "normal" stories and then thump us on the head. You get our attention :)