OneWord, Mailbox

A tough one over at OneWord. It's mailbox. Sixty seconds and go:

Biggs was setting up for the next wave of controlled riots. Central was ready to release the month's food ration chits, and they were going to be reduced by 33 percent. People were going to take to the streets.
Windows were hung, vehicles rolled out over fire suppression stations. he'd scattered the last of the bricks when he passed the mailbox. That big, old, a hunching piece of metal.
It never ceased to amaze him that it was here. You couldn't dent it, damage it. What good was it, in this controlled riot zone?


Percy Bisque Silley said...

Your words, good Sir, carry a certain Punch and Pinache, yet fall like blows to the head. You strike me as the Joe Frazier of the Prose-Poem, as you doubtless have been told any number of times before.

Well done --

Sir Percival Bisque Silley

PS "Silley" is merely a variant of "Sealy" - as in Sealy Posturpedic Mattresses. I come from the Arts side of the family rather than the Household Furnishings side.