OneWord, Pine

The word prompt over at OneWord is “pine.”
What can you say in 60 seconds?

The smell of fresh pine did nothing for her.
The metal blade of the shovel kept scratching at the frozen soil and every time she hit a rock, it made a screech that made her grind her teeth.
How dare he bring her all the way up here? Into the woods, for chrissakes?
“Cozy little getaway, my ass,” she thought, as another meager shovelful of earth joined the growing pile.
It wasn’t her fault that he’d had a heart attack and keeled over.
And no, she wasn’t about to go down with this sinking ship.


Miss A said...

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Everyone’s freaked with Christmas shit, me included, but you know I had to take a break from all that, and I knew I could count on you for a kick-ass flash. This pine thing actually happened to me once, but I called 911. Kidding. I’d be in a nuthouse where I really belong if that were true.
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