OneWord - Enhance

The prompt word at OneWord was “enhance.” Creative writing in 60 seconds.

She was bandaged head-to-toe in gauzy white, the recent recipient of a comprehensive makeover. This wasn’t some check-under-the-hood, kick the tires kind of enhancement. This was the real-deal.
She was eager to see the results, so when the techs weren’t looking, she pulled back the bandages on her arm and gazed at slick, green scales.
And she tried to scream.


Large Marge said...


Jeeves said...

Thats a nice take on one word. One word to sentences. Like it

Sepiru Chris said...

Hey Thom,

I hope your dog gets better and it is nothing too serious (I saw the note on A. North's blog).

I am sure there are a lot of emotions wrapped up with your dog(s) right now. As someone who has always had animals as companions I'm with you. Take care.

And "Enhance"?

What a scream!