Wednesday's Three Word Wednesday

The words over at Three Word Wednesday are accident. Loyal and obscene


It was a game she liked to play, all the while they dated. He loathed it, but considered himself a good sport for playing along.
She’d name a calamity, a series of jarring events where she’d be maimed, burned, brutalized or irrevocably broken, and asked, “Would you still love me?”
“Feed me and scoop food off my chin?”
“Take me to the bathroom and wipe me after going to the bathroom?”
“All of it, yes. I love you.”
Two months into their nuptials, he’d been clipped by a drunk driver. The impact severed his spine at the T12 vertebra, rendering his legs, his bowels, his cock, useless. Months of therapy.
All to learn how to live in a chair with wheels.
He decided to make the best of it, All of it. The pitiful looks of sorrow. Dealing with the bag hidden in his pant leg where his piss collected. Feeling arousal, but staring at his flaccid member.
And in that time of recovery, he needed help to eat, to bathe, to take a crap for chrissakes.
She was loyal for almost a month. And then she fled, saying she just didn’t have it in her to take care of a cripple.
A year after their divorce, she’d run into him at the grocery, exiting a Cadillac Escalade and into a custom wheelchair he helped design.
“Looks like you’re doing well for yourself,” she said, shyly.
He smiled. Remembered the game she played. And it emboldened him.
“Funny, but I got an obscene amount of cash in the settlement,” he said. “I’m semi-retired now.”
She fumbled for something to say as his girlfriend rounded the mass of expensive vehicle and jumped into his lap.
“Hey, stud, looks like you need to pee,” she said, patting his chest.
He looked at his ex and winked.


anthonynorth said...

Now that is payback. Excellently done.

Zouxzoux said...

Ha ha! Payback's a bitch. Love it.

Mads... said...

different nd nice take..b'fuly done..!!!

Sepiru Chris said...

I started racing with you from the word calamity, onwards. I was trying to predict both the ending you expected us to reach, and where I thought you would go.

I didn't make it; you nailed it. Again.

Cheers, Thom. Thanks.

Jeeves said...


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Well, she asked for it. Karma is a funny thing.

gautami tripathy said...

She crashed alright!


Tumblewords: said...

Great that he sees the payback. I like that!

MichaelO said...

The vows take on a new meaning when you actually have back them up. Who was spineless in the end? Nice one, Thom.

~willow~ said...

as soon as you started describing the game, I ~knew~ she was going to leave him... but I ~love~ the payback!! :) Still grinning evilly as I type this. Cheers!

missalister said...

“Not so good execution” this crash, you say? Maybe I’m too easy, but I thought everything rocked. Certainly, I was left feeling great about everything, feeling the big HA! If you expected otherwise from me, well, I do aim to please...ah, OK, well maybe you could have had our Ms. Shallow say, "Take me to the bathroom and wipe my butt?” Whatever. Any way you put it, I loved the idea of this, the game and it biting her in the butt :-D

Pblacksaw said...

I always knew money could buy ya love.. or close enough.. payback is a bitch..

one more believer said...

sorry to say but ya never know until you've had to wipe another man's hinee for a few months... im not saying yes or no, no judgement... just that it ain't that after day.. but then you spoke of love, indeed...a love that lasts forever longer than one's body... great stuff thommy...was it the car??!!! the money that makes it easy...hmmmm

Lucy said...

how do u think these up Mr. thom? whew..
another goodie! without giving all the details I had to 'take care' of my guy after a terrible accident. I would have continued forever if he needed me. Love is love and she was a horror!
great post!