Monday's Fiction in 58

Time for a Fiction in 58, an exercise in brevity.

Growing Old

He feels it in every creaky joint, the pains that radiate up his spine – the sins of his past. He limps into the bath, urinates while reaching for a bottle of pills. Both are a response to growing old. He doesn’t turn on the light. He’s fearful of the reflection, the old man that’s replaced his vigor.


Uncle E said...

Are you sure this is fiction?

Anonymous said...

I thought at first when I read "vigor" that it read "Viagra"! LOL. A Freudian slip on my part, perhaps.

Anonymous here, but you know me. And, I'm not a mean or nasty person, so I wouldn't leave you those type of comments either.

Dee Martin said...

makes me want to reach for the aleve myself :(