Tweet fiction (or nano-fiction)

I resisted Twitter for years.
In the end, it was work that asked that I Tweet during an assignment. Once everything was set up, it was a logical step to continue that into daily life (you can follow me at @tgabrukieiwcz)
Sure, there are more than a few people who tweet the mundane of their lives. But there's really some great ideas out there:
And great writers. Yes, people taking 140 characters to the limit. Telling stories in just 140 characters. Certainly, an inspiration:
Anyway, Peggy has inspired me to post one tweet fiction a day on Twitter, as well as keep up with the work here on The Tension.
Today's nano-fiction:

He sat in a sunny place, squinting. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Crows feet. I'm making crows feet." "Why?" "On men, they're so sexy."


rebecca said...

I still haven't become part of the Tweet crowd. Didn't know there were writers out there that tweeted this kind of stuff. This I wouldn't mind reading; everyday, mundane stuff that bores me when I even do it, I can do without! Food for thought....thanks!

PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) said...

loved it... will try fr sure :)

quin browne said...

i blame peggy.

now, i'm hooked.

Christian Bell said...

It’s all getting smaller and smaller. I’m currently working on a project of 50 fiction works under 100 words, my first stab at being so brief. Taking it down to the Twitter level seems like the next step after that. I guess at some point there’s an end, unless someone figures out how to write negative count words.

pia said...

The one word novel is next. I belong to Twitter but rarely do. I'm planning on waiting until I have a project to pimp

Donna said...

An inspiring idea. :)

pegjet said...

Hey Thom!

Your crows feet story ROCKS though you mastered this style on the very first one.

Thanks for the credit, but you were meant to do it.

pegjet said...

Though for me, there are a couple ground rules, (which you have followed):
*Have to use a space after a period.
*Can use numerals and the 'and' symbol... but that's it! NO TEXT words (though I think I broke my rule with either WTG or BTW), and *punctuation has to be proper.