She asks if it’s complacency that keeps you grounded in this place.
More like fiscal conservation, you say.
“Bullshit. Are you afraid of change?”
Not afraid.
Life-altering events need time for reflection.
Sure looks like complacency, or the surface.
The ability to shake things up vs. the desire to be smart about such quick moves is what grounds you. Even while the boredom grows and work has lost its luster due to things completely outside your control. You're not happy.
And you are free to go.
Now of course, you’re set up to pay for such adventures as the heart sees fit.
It’s the gut, however, that holds the checkbook.
So you wait, plot.
And look complacent.


quin browne said...

thom--not a jarring word to be found.


gs batty said...

no likes change, no matter how much thy are bored with what they have. Cowardice? complacency? who the hell knows. But it's a fact or at lest one of my facts.

gs batty said...

I cannot spell either. Complacency and that is a fact.