Sunday Scribblings - Oracle

The prompt at Sunday Scribblings is “oracle.”


There’s a peak out west of town, slightly forested with an odd outcropping of rocks near the top. It’s the highest point in the county.
There’s a trail to the top, but it’s mostly overgrown with disuse. The kids would rather play with video games, text their friends, than break a sweat.
But a glint coming from the top, like a piece of glass tilted toward the sun, has grabbed my attention. I cross a field, jump the creek and begin to pick my way up the trail. The going is tough and sweat begins to make the trek uncomfortable. But the flash hasn’t stopped and that alone is reason to keep going.
There’s a slight climb on sharp rocks to reach the pinnacle and as I pull myself up, I see what’s been making the twinkling.
There’s an ancient dude with a long gray beard wearing what looks to be a diaper. But it’s the color of orange sherbet.
He wears low hat of red velvet with crystals sewn into the brim and I realize that each crystal has been sending flashes across the countryside. He sits with his legs crossed, his hands pressed together at his chest.
“Ah, David, I have been waiting for you to visit,” he says. “And I look forward to our discussion.”
I fall to my knees, dizzy with the questions that swirl in my skull.


gs batty said...

my first question, why the orange diaper? and then he would banish me from the mountain top.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

"The kids would rather play with video games, text their friends, than break a sweat."

see? they miss out on orange sherbet man. i totally take the sweat over the indoors. any day of the week.

good read. now pass me those magic mushrooms please.

keiths ramblings said...

What ever you were on, I want some! Great piece.

b said...

I'm with Keith....I need to see the dude some time soon. Great little story.


Dee Martin said...

Hope to hell he had an orange cooler full of beer to match that diaper! Poor David is having heatstroke. For some reason I have the guy pictured as Eddie Murphy...
What? Like you aren't seeing it now too!

Monica Manning said...

A diaper the color of orange sherbert. Brilliant! Great piece, ThomG.

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Daily Panic said...

I hope he has the answers or at least the twinkling of light from his hat will hypnotize the guy so that he will believe anything the guys says, because it seems they have a mind altering affect if they already drew him to the mountain top.
GPS the location and sell tickets many would like to see this guy!

Tumblewords: said...

What fun! The oracle and the mountain. I've been looking forever.

oldegg said...

I love these stories that set you wondering what happens next, to neatly wrap it up, yet furious that you haven't provided more clues.

A great tease.