Monday's Fiction in 58

Fiction in 58 is something I came up with to test ways to write tight, but write smart. With description. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes it fails. Still, it's a good exercise.


“There’s a certain risk, I think, to live fearlessly,” she says
Mosquitoes awaken from the cooling grass, buzz overhead; tequila shots warm in the sun, which sets slowly, blazing a last colorful trail.
“There’s a certain risk to living, period,” he says.
“Yeah, but fearlessly. For yourself. Unburdened and alive.”
He slides his sunglasses down and in that moment, wishes.


PurestGreen said...

"tequila shots warm in the sun." This is like a springboard for the whole scene. I love it.

gs batty said...

this may sound stupid but I'm not sure where this is coming from but it grows on me every time I read it. Been back here 4 times. I know I get to make my own interpretation so I'll take it where I want to. Dam I hate it when I have to think.