Sunday Scribblings: Somewhere

A poem.

Somewhere, Anywhere, Here

A hand unwinds from sleep
fingers waver like the stems of daisies
on wind-swept greens

She shudders against him
the sudden gap cools the skin of her back
leaves prickly gooseflesh

Together, they suck on their teeth
lick lips, prepare for the inevitable first kiss
in post-passion, rumpled sheets


susan said...

fingers waver like the stems of daisies

love the image and language here. And while it is not explicit, this makes me think of mature lovers, folks my age that is, and that is a welcome shift in a world that worships youth.

Melody said...

So much said and left to imagine in so few words. Nicely done.

poefusion said...

I really like your mature use of sexual content here. It's beautiful instead of raunchy. And, I agree with Susan I think the adults were targeted here instead of the youth. Nice job. Have a nice day.

Beth Camp said...

Everything works in this concise poem, the images, the stanzas, even the decision to leave punctuation out! I read it over several timess to appreciate the balance between meaning and image. Very nice!