So what's the difference between a $11 haircut and at $20 haircut?
Peace of mind, my friends, peace of mind.
I finally found my place, after two abysmal haircuts.
The Chop Shoppe caters to men. There's a big screen. There's beer (a whole list to choose from; I had a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy). There's the haircut and the shampoo/conditioner wash with the head massage.
My hair looks great. Finally.

* * * * *
I got three letters this week, thanking me for switching to paperless billing.
Your very welcome, but an email would have been sufficient.

* * * * *
I'm thinking of breaking my lease and moving downtown into a loft.
I like my place, in a general way. I really like the neighborhood and the access to the bike trail.
But having had to park a block away from my place three times this week gets really old. There are seven units and 10 garages. I don't have one. It pisses me off.
(As do my downstairs neighbors, who have three people living in a two bedroom, with a dog. And they argue all the time and slam doors. Frustrating.)
Loft living would put me right on the bike trail. It also would have me like eight blocks from work. I wouldn't have to drive.

* * * * *
A note about work: I still love it.
A professional newsroom, goes a long way to soothe even the most base of frustrations.
It also helps to have editors who know what they are doing - and let you know what's going on.

* * * * *
So I'm pretty much decided that I'm going to try the Cutshall Meal Plan for one month.
Being a blob is not an excuse.