New author showcase, Part II

You're a writer and you've spent countless hours in character development. How cool would it be to actually sit down with a character, talk.

David S. Grant was given the opportunity to interview Chip, his character from "Bleach|Blackout," his new double novel from Offense Mechanism, an imprint of Silverthought Press. In order to get the interview David had to agree to buy drinks and dinner at Chip’s favorite Cantina on Sunset Boulevard and supply a joint:

[DSG] When I arrive Chip is already sitting at the bar sipping a Margarita. He acknowledges me and points to an open tab. Chip is wearing sunglasses. As soon as I sit down he excuses himself to go have a cigarette. After five minutes he returns. He asks me to wait five minutes while the bartender gets him another drink. I ask him if he wants to sit down and eat and he laughs. His Margarita arrives.
[DSG] Thank you for taking the time to do this, I know you are a busy guy.
[Chip] No worries, rock and roll dude.
[DSG] First off, I have to ask, where do you get your ideas? I mean the whole idea about a television reality show like The Bachelor where one of the girls is HIV positive, well, it’s quite shocking.
[Chip] I disagree with it being shocking. It’s just an idea, for the public to decide. I have interest, and am in negotiations with a few networks, casting could begin next year. It doesn’t have to be HIV, that is pretty dire, very HBO. We could use any type of STD to make it more Disney if needed.
[DSG] Chip finishes off his second Margarita, motions to the bartender for another one. We wait for it to arrive. OK, next question I have is about your sex addiction. Do you feel you have a problem here, or is this just the way you live?
[Chip] Actually, I’m in treatment for this. There was a time two months ago where I found myself in a hotel room holding an egg beater in one hand and dog bone in the other. I won’t go into details, but there were several girls involved and I after two days I found myself passed out in a Toys R Us store. I checked into treatment the next day.
[DSG] How is that going?
[Chip] It’s day to day. Day to day…
[DSG] Chip is eye balling a girl who just walked in wearing a hiked up green skirt and has a tattoo of Tom Hanks on her inner thigh. Tell me about Nic Cage, anything happening there?
[Chip] That’s a good question. We were all set, had a production company interested in our down and out detective movie, but than things went south. Maybe has something to do with him wearing an eye patch, I wrote that into the script. It’s needed and I’m sure he’ll come around. I’m expecting a call any day now.
[DSG] What about Stoner? You guys were close.
[Chip] Stoner was a kindred spirit. The best of friends. He is a true testament to living for the moment because you never know what is around the corner. I miss him. We all do.
[DSG] Where do you see yourself in ten years?
[Chip] Wow, that’s the best you got? Dude, you need to work on your skills. Anyway, I see myself definitely in the Hollywood business. I always feel like I’m one phone call away from making that happen. I’m patient, enjoying life in the meantime.
[DSG] Another Margarita for Chip. How about your other friends, Sharon? Jeremy? Are you still in touch?
[Chip] Jeremy went back to New York, but is flying in this weekend. He is living with Mary. They both like Thai food, so it works. Sharon is still running her business. I try to stay away these days, but like I said before dude…it’s day to day.
[DSG] Thank you for taking the time Chip. I motion for the tab from the bartender, Chip motions for one more Margarita before the tab is closed. By the time I pay the bill, he has finished his drink. I get up to leave and Chip grabs me, “Dude, you owe me…” I reach into my pocket and hand him a joint. He gets up and lights it before we walk outside.
[Chip] Rock and Roll.