A spin around the town

When you’re on a bike, there is a point at which you can look at the ground and see where the pavement goes from solid to movement, like how still a stream gets still just before tumbling over submerged stones. It’s one of the great little secrets of riding. It’s like you can focus on the line - watch the blur - and all the thoughts and troubles fade away like the asphalt behind you.
I spent Saturday afternoon checking out the city’s bike trail, which loops the city and connects like a kajillion parks. I found that I can intercept the trail about a mile-and-a-half from the hacienda. The entire loop is 22 miles. I was messing around and it took me an hour-and-a-half.
I took the Bridgestone, which is fast becoming my favorite ride in the stable. Converting it to a singlespeed was the absolute right thing to do. It’s geared so you can still power on the downhills – and it climbs like a dream (yes, there are hills here).
(Funny, I think I’m kind of scared of the Trek.)
First stop was Falls Park, where the Big Sioux River tumbles over pink quartzite. Most of the old buildings downtown are made of milled quartzite. It’s really cool building material. From Falls Park, the city has an ambitious plan to redevelop the area all the way to downtown. Shops, housing, entertainment. Smart growth (that’s the skyline looking west from Falls Park).
So what did I see on my ride?
Cheetahs.The trail goes right past the Sioux Falls Zoo and these two were lip-smacking as I rode by. I gotta shed some pounds.
(Cheetahs know they are bad-asses.)
The trail is mostly paved and once you get south of the city you’re hop-scotching parks along the Big Sioux. Lots of tree-covered miles.
The trail, I think, could use a beer kiosk, or maybe a beer vending machine. That would be good.
Of course, the Gas 'N Sip near home carries everything a rider needs to stay properly hydrated before, during and after a ride (and where a cold sixer of Pabst Blue Ribbon is always $3.97).


Anonymous said...

Right on! Bike looks great, and I love the cheetahs.

P.S. How about some links, my friend? D.O.A.N.

-- Snarky