It's a thing of beauty

Just got my old Bridgestone MB-2 back from Erik over at Prairie Cycles, my new SoDak bike shop. The BRidgestone will become my commute-around-town bike.
Erik put a new saddle on it, raised the handlebars, re-cabled the brakes and fixed a couple of dumbshit things I did to it in the conversion from mountain bike to singlespeed.
Ain't she sweet?
(Trin wanted to be in the shot, so she walked right into the frame.)
Maiden voyage to check out the bike/Sioux Falls bike trails is Sunday morning.
All this equipment makes for an interesting parking situation in the spare bedroom. I think I'm like three weeks away from getting a garage (finally).


Large Marge said...

What do you mean about getting a garage??? Are you moving again?