Sunday Scribblings: Do I have to?

Do I have to?
Meals by candlelight, the fine china, the good silver;
Longs walks by moonlight’s silvery glow;
Giving her toenails a fresh coat of polish;
Running a bubble bath, complete with rose petals;
Listening, intently (and not uttering a word);
Brushing her hair with that favorite brush of hers;
Flowers, at work, delivered personally;
A fried egg sandwich, coffee the way she likes it, on Saturday morning;
Sunday morning paper in bed, she gets first pick at the sections;
Foot massages with the stuff that smells like peppermint;
Doing the laundry when her day didn’t go as planned;
Simply holding her in bed as she falls asleep.

You certainly don’t have to;
But the simple things can make all the difference.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful life!

Granny Smith said...

I have a husband who is equally thoughtful, helpful, and loving, although not in exactly the same ways. Tell her that I know how happy it makes her!

A sweet romantic post!

ThomG said...

As a single guy, this is what I'd do. Ahhhh, timing.

Nita Jo said...

I like the way this is written, and even more, the love. That's what it is and it's said without even uttering the word.
Very Touching!

Michelle said...

Thoughtfulness is next to godliness! Loved this!

Anonymous said...

Although, I don't know if I would care for those pedals in my bath, they would get in the way of the bubbles, etc. I would much prefer the softer, more colorful petal type myself!

ThomG said...

Whoops, that's why I needs an editor. Sometimes.

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, it sounds like a totally spoiling. Wonderful. Love it.