It's in the air here

Woke up before the sun (always) and tugged off the covers and felt chilled air settle on my skin.
Threw on the running shoes and shorts, a T-shirt and grabbed the leads to take the girls for a walk. Barely a block into in, I'm wishing for my long track pants.
Fall is in the air. Another season coming to a close; a new one to begin.
Sort of like my life.
Seasons of change.
I'm hoping the colors of fall translate.


quin browne said...

the tinge of fall creeps under summer warmth much as grey hair sneaks onto our heads (and other places)...

J.C. Montgomery said...

LOL - I read quin's...great comment.

I love this post. Keep looking to the new seasons Thom, for seasons are also the time for renewal and growth, even if we can't see it buried beneath the frozen snow.