Burn After Reading

OK, Dark Knight aside (the summer's best movie), this looks to be this year's Juno.

It's the Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading:


Anonymous said...

Summer's best movie??!!?

Actually, I haven't seen it yet,
BUT. . . it would be extraordinary if it was better than WALL-E.
That's right - WALL-E.
Now THAT was a work of art! Extraordinary! Superb! Exceptional! Outstanding! Classic! First Rate! Five Star! First Class! Grade A! Terrific! Magnificent! Unsurpassed! and very, very marvelous! A must see - don't miss it.

maintain radio contact. . .

quin browne said...

i love the coen's.

except for blood simple which i never really got into...


oh, and wall-e? who ever thought i'd effing cry in a pixar film?

Lucy said...

can't ever get enough Clooney.
this looks like a good one!

Large Marge said...

This moving is going to rock!!! Thanks for the heads up!

You know, I'm sooo happy that Tilda Swinton is making a come-back of sorts. I've admired her ever since Orlando, way back in 1992. Orlando, the film and soundtrack, are still on my all-time favorites list: